We are a member of the Florida Federation of Gardeners: And a member of the National Garden Club:

Our Headquarters

The Miami Beach Garden Club's headquarters is located at the Miami Beach Botanical Garden.

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1) Visit our headquarters at Miami Beach Botanical Garden: Miami Beach Botanical Garden.

2) Find important information about Garden clubs,classes, camps and more at Florida Federation of Garden Clubs:

3) Vist the website of National Garden Clubs to find out more about clubs across the

4) Identify your plants at: Dave’s Garden:

5) Finding calculations for other items in your garden and around your house can be found here on the website: Free Home and Garden Calculations tools. Be sure to scroll down to see the list of options, then click on what you need to be transferred to the proper website. There are many helpful tools for the garden, (ex: fertilizer, garden size, plant spacing, watering, and more),

6)  (Here is a guide written for allergy sufferers with all kinds of information on flowers, such as gardening and educational resources.)