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TIPS on How to Enter a Plant in a Flower Show 

 What are the judges looking for?  They look very closely at the plants, unlike the designs, which must be viewed from three feet. They may ask the clerk to pick up the plant so they may see it very close up. They may not touch the plant.

The name of the plant must be written on a white 3x 5 inch card.  The Genus is capitalized and the species is not capitalized. Plants must be owned by the entrant for three months. Go to Dave’s Garden website to help you identify your plant.  Is the plant clean?  Free of debris, cut off brown tips with the leaf contour, and do not use a product on the plant to make is shiny.  Clean the pot. Clay pots or plastic are allowed.  Double pot is okay if inside pot is not showing.

We provide glass vases for cut specimens.  No leaves should be under water.  Make sure the cutting is the required size according to the schedule.  The schedule is the law of the show.