We are a member of the Florida Federation of Gardeners: And a member of the National Garden Club:

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The Miami Beach Garden Club's headquarters is located at the Miami Beach Botanical Garden.

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The Miami Beach Garden Club

The Miami Beach Garden Club is a non-profit organization that is affiliated with the Florida Federations of Garden Clubs. We are a medium size club with approximately 58 members. Member pin

Our Mission is to promote the cultivation of plants and flowers in our community through projects that focus on: beautification of our city; mentoring and sponsoring student programs (locally and statewide); and support of the Miami Beach Botanical Gardens. Some of our programs include working with local Girl Scouts and school children on their gardens at multiple local schools, we offer our assistance at our local community garden, we offer floral design classes,  and continue to expand our knowledge through monthly programs. Our dedicated women also hold some fundraising events to support our mission, (see events page). 

Our motto is to “Know, Sow and Grow”, and our Theme is Knowledge thru work; Growth thru service!

For more information about a club in your area, visit the Florida Federation of Gardeners website,(, or the National Garden Clubs website,( For more information about our club or membership, contact us at